In the US, sport utility vehicles are becoming more popular. In fact, according to The New York Times,

Tom Libby, an automotive analyst at IHS Markit, told the New York Times that SUVs accounted for 47.4% of U.S

sales in 2019 and sedans for 22.1%. "By 2025, we anticipate that the light-truck segment, 

 which includes pickups, vans, and SUVs, will account for 78% of sales as opposed to 72% at the moment."

According to Technavio, the market share for luxury SUVs is anticipated to increase by 1.59 million 

The trend towards sport utility vehicles is not unexpected given that they are seen as a safer

and more dependable alternative and provide greater luggage room. It becomes more difficult for other

However, American vehicle companies are experiencing less difficulty as people choose them for their "economic