For Acura in 2022 released the new MDX SUV with three rows.

 Infiniti simultaneously debuted the new 2022 Infiniti QX60. With V6 engine,

three rows, all-wheel drive, and a tonne of leather and electronics, the two seem to be a pretty

But the utility, the middle letter, is one way to evaluate an SUV, because one of these SUVs is (slightly) 

The two are three-row, high-end SUVs that compete to be the top sales for their respective companies

The Infiniti has a $46,850 base price. The basic engine for the MDX produces 290 horsepower.

There are 295 horsepower in the Infiniti. Both of them include three rows of leather chairs 

several cupholders and USB outlets, and upscale nameplates that will amaze the neighbours.