In its 100-year existence, the Chevrolet truck brand has produced approximately 85 million vehicles

In 1930, GM unveiled the first pickup. 40 years later, the name "Silverado" was developed. I

It specified a trim for a Suburban from 1975 to 1999. Despite some minor variations,

Silverado and Sierra trucks have the same basic design. For instance, every vehicle has a different trim option.

Chevrolet has expanded into the motorsports industry. The Silverado has raced for the firm in NASCAR.

 In 2016, 19 teams utilised the truck. Additionally, Chevy is the Silverado 250 Truck Series' sponsor. 

Many races have been won by this vehicle. America, Canada, the Middle East, and Mexico 

truck will eventually go to many more nations. You should check out these customised Chevy Silverados.