Online users have a love-hate relationship with WhistlinDiesel, mostly due to his

He is, however, very inventive, as seen by the tug-of-war he had with a Leopard 1 tank. 

His most recent exploits include towing gooseneck trailers, which results in their destruction.

Although the MonsterMax is not a renowned monster truck like the Grave Digger, it has gained notoriety 

WhistlinDiesel's tool for huge wheel damage. WhistlinDiesel describes MonsterMax, a first-generation

diesel-powered Chevrolet Silverado, as having 72,000 horsepower of "pure get out of my way."

 It is equipped with a massive suspension and large 36-inch rubbers.

Nevertheless, some vehicles have stood inMonsterMax's way. Some include a German Leopard 1