Since the Blazer returned to Chevrolet's lineup some years ago, we've been left wondering just who 

this two-row mid-size SUV is intended for. Although it costs like a luxury crossover,

 it isn't as opulent as you would anticipate at $50,000. 

Although it has been designed to resemble the Camaro, it lacks the performance to support that looks.

And it's certainly not the body-on-frame off-road vehicle that many anticipated when Chevy announced the return of the Blazer.

The Blazer, however, must be doing something right since an electric version

 the Blazer EV, is about to be released. It has been quietly piling up a lot of sales over the last several years.

 After experiencing the updated 2023 Blazer in loaded RS trim, we are reminded that it does a lot of tasks well while having an unclear goal.