Not so long ago, the definition of a "fast" truck consisted of buying the largest V8 available 

But in a flash, the powerful GMC Syclone appeared on the automotive scene and proved to the world

 that a truck doesn't always need to have a bed full of freight in order to be able to carry.

Even though the Chevy Silverado 454SS, a rival of the 1993 Ford F-150 Lightning, had enormous 

 potential, and the new Dodge Dakota R/T was making ripples in the nascent market, the 1993 Ford F-150

Lightning was off to a fantastic start. But it wasn't until Ford's internal tuning team, SVT,

they enabled the Lightning to strike more fiercely than before, establishing a new benchmark for truck performance.

Hitting the streets in 1999, the SVT F-150 Lightning certainly looked the part of the speedster