For some thrilling drag races, the Hoonigan crew can assemble some incredible vehicles. 

The excellent This versus That series on their YouTube channel often features these.

This most recent episode is excellent. A stunning set of drag races pit Alex Choi's 1,200 horsepower

 Lamborghini Huracan against a twin-turbo Hemi Jeep include two very fast and radically different vehicles.

The two vehicles shown are significantly different. The Huracan is a 2018 Huracan Evo

 It includes a rear-wheel drive system and a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox, making it fairly hefty

The Hemi Jeep belongs to Rafael from JR Fabrication. This is a 2016 Grand Cherokee SRT8

 It is heavier than the Lamborghini at 4,800 lbs and has a five-speed automatic transmission.