The main issues with buying an EV are charging and range

We were originally concerned about the Lightning's peak charge rate of 150 kW compared to 

 the Rivian's 220 kW despite the fact that both vehicles' batteries were equivalent in capacity and range

 The longer you are attached to a Level 3 DC fast charger while travelling, the slower your battery charges.

The Ford outperformed the Rivian (holding 172 kW), and was able to maintain that higher charge rate for a longer period of time despite the Rivian starting off with a higher charge rate. T

The R1T required 44 minutes to charge from 5% to 80% of its stated level of charge

 whereas the F-150 Lightning needed 50 minutes to accomplish the same.

Let's hope that both vehicle manufacturers can gradually raise their charge rates via over-the-air upgrades, like our long-term Rivian did over its time with us.