A mid-size SUV that hasn't seen significant alteration since 2011, the Dodge Durango. 

 It entered the market with real capabilities, a rear-wheel-drive architecture

 an optional 360-horsepower HEMI V-8, whereas the majority of its contemporaries of a comparable size were transitioning to crossovers.

The same year, the Ford Explorer lost its V-8 and switched to front-wheel drive.

 The Nissan Pathfinder came out a few years later. In 2010

 the Toyota 4Runner also lost its available V-8 (and impressive towing capability), even if it continued to keep loyal to its off-road heritage.

If you've recently been shopping for an SUV, you either went through sticker shock or gave up and accepted the exorbitant costs.

Particularly if you desire a large SUV with three rows of seats and a large towing capacity, this is true.